Enigma – from Greek word: riddle, mystery – was the name, which German engineer Arthur Scherbius gave to the constructed by himself, electromechanical cipher machine. In 1918, together with Richard Ritter Scherbius & Ritter company, he established and started the production of Enigma.

In the beginning it was used for commercial purposes, later machine was put to use in the armies of several countries. World War I proved, that traditional, manual encryption method became impractical – in contrary to human errors, machine guaranteed speed, accuracy and security of the message encryption processes. The machine invented by Scherbius was capable of generating an unimaginable number of combinations and had a huge advantage over anything else so far encountered by cryptographers.

We would like to invite you to an exhibition dedicated to those, who have made a successful attempt to break the cipher, which as it was thought, was impossible to break. The success, which was based on a talent and work of some extraordinary people, had the beginning in 1929 in Poznań...

The exhibition is located in the so-called cipher-container - pavilion which looks like Enigma machine.

The exhibition is open daily from 10 to 6 pm.

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